How to eat foods for people with gas problems


        Today I would like to inform you about foods that cause excessive gas disturbances.Intestinal wind that is passed from the anus is called flatulence (gas).gas in your digestive system is the normal process of digestion. Gas pain may occur if gas is trapped .Gas pain may occur eating foods that are more likely to produce gas.

     Digestive system disorders  may cause an increase in gas. Burping,passing gas,pain in the abdomen,feeling fullness in abdomen,increase the size of abdomen are the symptoms  of gas.

       Belching is a release of gas from the stomach through your mouth.People belch a lot because they swallow too much air and release the air before it enters the stomach.excess gas in the digestive  tract leads to passing gas is called flatulence.Some health conditions  also cause gas .

      Some people have always felt gas disturbances.  We can see some foods that cause gas.We can eat these foods without causing  gas. Gas enters the stomach through our style of eating.  Talking while eating  can cause gas.Gas is formed by eating a lot of food for a short period of time.

      If the stool doesn’t go properly, gas is formed.  It may cause stomach pain.  We can eat peas like food. Peas contains fiber and proteins.It helps to relieve constipation.  It may cause gases.So  eat such foods only hot. 

     We can eat milk  containing foods. It also causes gas. If the milk is used after fermentation, there will be no gas problem. We can use yogurt, paneer ghee etc. 

        Apple causes gas problems. Apples can be steamed and eaten. It does not cause gas problems. It is very tasty. Next is the gluten  protein containing foods. These foods are wheat,oats, barley etc. It may cause gas.we can use gluten,maida,etc.

        Carbonate drinks contain gases. It may cause gas.avoid these types of drinks. Avoid alcohol containing  drinks. Avoid artificial sweeteners. It causes gas problems. Tubers also cause gas problems.  We can eat these foods hot.  Onion also cause gases, it contains Sulphur and allicin. Do not eat raw. These foods cook well and eat. 

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