How to earn through Amazon affiliate programs 


     Amazon is an American multinational technology company. It is focused on e-commerce ,digital streaming, cloud computing,and artificial intelligence. Amazon is a vast internet based enterprise  that sells housewares,movies, music, books,toys,electronics  and other goods.It is the world’s largest online retailer. It provides products such as apparel industrial items, auto items,beauty products, health products, groceries, electronics, games,jewelry, kids products,sports goods,  tools ,etc.Amazon main services  are Amazon store,devices and services, Amazon web services, delivery and logistics, entertainment, etc,

      It is the largest and most successful retailer in the world. They built the best customer experience. They have a large selection, low price, and fast delivery. Most of the customers want to find the product. Consumers want to pay low prices quickly. Customers have a great shopping experience  on this platform. 

      Amazon affiliate program is the way you can make money online from your home. It is the hottest topic everywhere.Amazon affiliate marketing is growing so fast. We can easily see and feel is called Amazon associates. It works the same as others where you have to sign up,accept and start promoting products. Now many people are trying to find different ways to create a new stream of income?People are always looking for different ways to make money online ,Amazon affiliate marketing is the right solution. 

       Amazon affiliate program allows website owners and bloggers to create links and earn referral fees when customers click through and buy products from can join this freely and easily. You can earn a high profit from this program. It operates on commission will get percentage per differs depending on the product category. 

      First you should sign up for Amazon associates. Then decide the carry thing.create online store website and create a list of products. Make an email list and promote the products. Fo..ow the terms and services of Amazon. Analyse the affiliate data sell your products  through can earn upto 10% affiliate fees from good purchases. 

      Now Most of the people shop online. They will get great offers, and buy things at low prices. You can make money using websites  like Amazon. Amazon affiliate programs provide a very good income. It doesn’t require technical knowledge.Anyone can easily create an Amazon affiliate account. You have to share the links of products. If the people buy the things,you will get a fixed amount of commission. 

      You can use social media accounts. You can share one or two products a day and can generate huge income. You can share links through vlogs, blogs etc. Different  products have different commissions. You can create links to the products you want to share.

     You can easily use this program. You can earn a good amount per month .You can create a vlog or blog and share the links.It is a genuine system. You can share the links and earn money. You can purchase things from Amazon, create a video and update the you tube or facebook or Instagram,you will earn money through this market. 

How to join Amazon affiliate program 

  • Open the browser, type Amazon affiliate 
  • Click the website link
  • You can see special page of Amazon 
  • Select the country India
  • Login and enter Amazon account 
  • If you do not have Amazon account, create a new account 
  • Enter your address
  • Enter phone number 
  • You should enter the link to your website. 
  • Enter profile information.
  • You can create a unique  link,you will get an ID.
  • You can enter ID
  • Enter category of channel 
  • You can select secondary products. 
  • Select type of website. 
  • Select traffic options.
  • Select third party 
  • Sell Amazon affiliate products using search 
  • Enter information related to your channel
  • Enter the type of affiliate 
  • Enter finish button 
  • A unique number may be added to your ID
  • Enter bank details ,pan card details 
  • Open dashboard of affiliate page.
  • Search different products 
  • You can select links in the image format.  
  • If you create an Amazon  account  and Amazon affiliate account with the same ID.
  • Select the product 
  • Select desired options 
  • You can create an affiliate link through it.
  • You can create a link by adding a unique ID.
  • Then on this link,you will get commission. 

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