How  to earn Rs 3 lakh through paper cup business

             Paper cup is made up of paper and coated with plastic or wax  to prevent leaking.The paper cups made of recycled papers. These cups are used for hot and  cold drinks. Each of us uses paper cups for many purposes. But today I want to share with you how we can make money with this paper cup making.

         It is a small scale business. We can make this cups from 60ml to 550 ml. This is a good profitable business.First we need to register the company. For this business you can apply to the corporation department through the auditor and get the registration certificate. We can gi e new names to the company . 

         When giving a new name to a company, make sure that the name is not used by others. We will get  the company registration within a month and we will get a director identification number.

Documents  required for company registration 

  • Voter ID card
  • Photo
  • Pan card
  • Adhar card
  • Rental agree certificate for rental place
  • Form 18,29,32

For company license ,GST registration required.


  • Company RC 
  • Rental agree
  • Adhar card 
  • Pan card
  • Photo
  • Bank statement 

For company licence,we need pollution certificate 


  • Certificate of no use of chemicals is required
  • Machine flow chart
  • Rental  agree
  • Company RC
  • Site plan

Let’s see how to make paper cup.

Required objects

  • Die cutting 
  • PE coated paper

        We can make 150 ml,180 ml,210 ml ,220 ml,330 ml,480 ml,550 ml quantity  cups.


Paper cup  machine –  Rs 3,50,000

Die  cutting machine  – Rs 3,00,000

Raw materials   – Rs 2,50 000

All license   – Rs 1,00,000

Total investment   – Rs 10 lakh

Cost of making one cup  – Rs. 0.30/-

Cost  of selling one cup  – 0.80/-

In one day,we can make 20,000  cups.

One day profit  :- 20,000×0.50 = Rs 10,000

One month profit   :- 10,000× 30 = Rs 3,00000

Labour charge  4 people – Rs 40,000

Electricity bill  – Rs 10,000

Factory rent  – Rs 20,000

Other expenses –  Rs 10,000

Total expenses    – Rs 80,000

Our  monthly profit   – Rs 2,20,000

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