How to earn Rs 1000 / daily from stitching a blouse at home


     A business  is an activity entered into for profit. The owner of the business is responsible and liable  for debts incurred  by the business. We can start a lot of businesses from our home. The best home business  is the one you start because  you are passionate and interested  about the work .It can create flexibility  in how you spend your time. It requires  a long term commitment and clear understanding. It needs a solid foundation. You will need to invest time for your business. You should assess your talents to determine this business  is the right path for you. If you feel you arenot suit to self employment, you still want additional  changes in your life. A person may have different  skills. So he is naturally detail  oriented and may learn strong accounting  skills.

     You should learn new skills.when developing a business  idea ,start with skills you already have. When developing  a business, you have invested your time and energy to learn great business  ideas. So you get a sense for which business  ideas are good fit for your personality. 

        All businesses are not going well as home businesses. Starting a business  out of your home needs a variety of factors  like location, legal  instruction, licenses,etc.But to start a business  at home you should consider its potential  profit. 

     Suppose you want to start a creative  business using your sewing skills to make  homemade clothes .Most businesses  need time to start generating  profit . You should wait for a time when you don’t expect  your business  to be profitable. You should create a business  plan to find out your business  idea has a chance of becoming  successful. 

     We can start a tailoring  business at home . We can stitch 3  blouses / day. We can earn Rs 1000/day.It is a very profitable  business.  We should stitch perfectly.  You will get a lot of work. Today we can see how to stitch blouses the same as blouses given to size. 

      Take a 1 ¼ meter blouse piece.we can make a 44 inch blouse piece. Fold the cloth once. Take the total length  of the blouse. We will get 15 ½ inch. Then take the width of the blouse.we will get 12 ½ inch. Mark the size  in the cloth. Mark the center part of the blouse and cut ¼ inch from Marked size . Then mark ¼ inch from handcuffs.Then take the bottom width.11 ½ inch is the bottom  width. Cut the cloth. We got back our blouse. Then place this blouse piece into the cloth and mark the shoulder and hand cuffs. Do not mark neck. 

       Mark the front bottom part. We will get 13 ½ .cut the cloth. Cut the center part . Then Mark the tucks correctly. Then cut 2 inch, 1 ½ inch cloth.Its length is 10 for placing hook strips. Cut the 11/2 inch cross piece. We can stitch .It is a very good profitable business. 

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