How to earn good profits  from green chilly powder business 


      You can start a low investment business  easily. Starting a business can be an overwhelming tasks.Everyone do not able to fulfil  the dreams of running  a business,due to insufficient funds.With low investment business  ideas,you can earn good profits, you can start your own business  and turn your passion  to a successful  business. Finding small business  ideas for starting a business  is not difficult. Every idea is best.

     We can earn money fastly,if you are at will realise your dreams as true.Most people  think that starting  a business would cost a huge investment. The prices of everything  have increased.So people with regular income are facing many problems in running a house.To Overcome this problem,you can start small businesses. 

       We can start a market  demand business  easily. We can start this business  at our home. It has a good opportunity  in our Market. We can earn a good profit  from this business. We can start this business with or without machinery. Without machinery, we can start this business  at Rs2000.

      It is a green chilly powder business. In India almost all people consume chilly in their dishes in their daily life.Green chillies are used for 6 months after dry and powdered. We can change it into a value added product without losing its value. 

      We can be initiated as a small business  with simple machinery. It has simple  processes like spice grinding and packing .It has high demand in the market. You should collect raw materials  directly  from farmers  or from the markets  in bulk. You should select quality  materials. Remove the unwanted  particles like stones, damaged  chillies,dirt and dust ,etc.Then clean the chillies  with water .If you do not wash and clean the chilli properly, it may cause the growth  of poisoning  bacteria. 

      Its 100 g has Rs 150 market price. It is in high demand  in the market. We can buy green chilli at Rs 80 to 150 / kg.Then cut the chillies and dry it for 2- 3 days.otherwise we can use a dehydrator to dry it.we can soak it 8 to 10 hours 125 F in the dehydrator. Then we can grind it using a grinder.Otherwise we can buy masala grinder and use to grind it,

        We can pack it in a standard plastic  cover and sell it to the markets. We can make premium glass bottles and use stickers.  Then we can sell to the markets. We can buy 1 kg chilli at Rs 150 and total making cost is Rs 180. We can sell 250 g at Rs 115.we will get Rs 280 profit. We will get good profit  from this business.  Food safety licence  is required  for this business. We can market it in supermarkets and online.we can see shops also.

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