How to download  building ownership certificate online within seconds 


        An ownership is given to a person who owns property  such as land and house. It proves a person is the owner of the property with legal rights. It is issued by the authority of the municipality in case the land is purch ased.If the person has the certificate  of ownership,he can use the property freely . He can sell it,dispose of it,Ownership  certificate  states the specified property and it is free from any kind of encumbrance. It gives relation which a person has a thing of its own .The concept  of ownership gets from possession. 

       Land ownership certificate issued to a person proves that he is the owner of the land. It proves that there is no dispute related to ownership  of the ownership  certificate  issued by the government of India. If an ownership certificate is issued, he has all the rights  to take decisions to the land. They can sell the property to an interested party. 

        They can lease the property, constructing a building. We can apply for an ownership  certificate  easily. This process  is very simple. You should contact the tehsildar or revenue officer .It needs name,residence  address,contact  details, registration  number, area,location  and address of the land.


  • Application form
  • Identity  proof
  • Aadhar card
  • Registration  documents 
  • Encumbrance  certificate 
  • Application  processing  fees 

     Once the application  is submitted, documents  are verified  by the authority.They issue the ownership certificate. It varies from state to state. 

        Ownership  certificate  is required  for various  purposes.It needs kseb, water connection, loan.  Lastly, fill the application  form and give it to the panchayat. But now we will get the ownership  certificate  within seconds. We can apply online without any documents.  We can apply through the official  website of Kerala local self government  department. 

How to apply for building  ownership  certificate  online

  • Visit the official  website  of Kerala local self government department. 
  • Select the district and corporation/municipality/ grama panchayat 
  • Select the grama panchayat. 
  • Select ownership certificate  option.
  • Enter the details like ward year,ward number, house number
  • You can see the details.
  • Select the name.
  • You can see the details of ownership and last tax details 
  • Click the ownership  certificate. 
  • Enter the purpose 
  • Submit the application. 
  • You can see the ownership  certificate. 
  • You can download and print  the certificate. 

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