How to detect underground  water using a detector


       Watering place is a place where drinking water for people or animals may be obtained. The approach for detecting nonmetallic objects is ground penetrating  radar. It is important that aquifer water increases these days after decreasing freshwater.water is an important requirement in our life.we can use GPR system for underground water detection. It is a good technology to detect  and identify acquirer water. It is a miniaturized, low cost,compromised solution  between depth and resolution. Different  types of antennas are used in GPR  to operate  over frequency  range.

       Water detection machines receive signals  from earth via its antennas which indicate water deposits.when the water detection  machines detect a signal,it indicates a path to the origin.When we stand above the signal,it will rotate .you will need to dig 30 feet below the will get high quality water from the well.

        There are many people in many parts of our country who are suffering from drinking water shortages. Even when a bore well is dug ,there is no water. Even if you dig a well looking at the location there is no water. Not only that, digging well can cost a lot of money. But with modern  technology we can find a place with water very quickly using a machine. With this machine we will be able to locate the water in our area very quickly. This device can be seen rotating when it reaches a watery area.It detects 1200 meter . This machine is powered by American Technology.

     In a place where there is good water it rotates well.We can see some youngsters from Kannur who created a startup to find underground  water.Kannur based company Sahara groundwater  identifies ground water to the depth of 1000 meters. They use modern equipment to find water.

       They construct tube wells after understanding the geographical structure of the place and understanding the depth of the water and whether it is soil or rock. With these tools they can find out where more water is available when digging  in a place. It helps to minimise the cost of digging the well. Before digging a well one can understand the structure of the soil,structure of the rock and how much water can be obtained by digging the well.

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