How to delete google pay transaction history

Google pay is a secure and simple way to pay and save money. It is the simplest method to send money to your family, receive money,recharge your mobile, etc. It is a free application. You can send or receive money straight from your bank account to anyone. You can send or receive money even if your contact is not on Google Play. You can recharge your mobile phone, pay your monthly bills on Google Pay. You can do shopping online using Google pay. Google pay is a mobile payment service developed by Google. It helps the users to make payments with the Android phones.

This mobile payment application introduced in 2020. It is a safe payment method. When you tap to pay it sends a virtual account number to the merchant. So this payment information stays secure. You should set up a screen lock to add an extra layer of security. You should unlock your device with the personal pin. So all purchases are more protected. UPI pin gives extra security. You should enter the UPI pin before the transactions. You should lock your phone. If your phone is lost you can use Google find my device option to lock it and logout from your Google account.You can erase your data also.

In order to transfer money using Google pay you can scan QR code. Ultrasonic wave is used to create one time code for Digital payment. You can send and receive the money through this app. You can pay utility bills like water,gas,electricity, tax, insurance, DTH Recharge,etc. You can pay for landline mobile and broadband also. Multiple payment options are available in this application. You can use the facility of pairing mobile using QR code. You can use the UPI name for transferring money. You can see the old transaction history also. It offers rewards and cashback benefits to you. Google pay application tied up with ICICI Bank,HDFC and Kotak bank for offering loans.

How to use google pay

Download the Google Play application from Google Play Store.
Setting the screen lock
You can use the existing Lock pattern.
Click on add bank account and select the Bank.
If your bank account is linked with a mobile number you can easily link.
You can send or receive money.

Advantages of google pay

It can be used for business purposes
No addition cost of usage
Encryption and multiple layers of security
Pay utility bills
Recharge mobile phone
You can do online shopping
Multiple cashback and reward benefits
Quick way to send and receive money
You can see the transaction history.
You will get a joining bonus also.

How to delete transaction history

Open the google pay application
Select transaction history
You can’t delete a particular transaction through google pay application.
Select the email ID linked to google pay
Login the mail ID
Open the google
Enter google account
Login the google account
Select google account option
Enter login details like email ID, Password
Select payments and subscriptions
Select manage experience from google pay experience
You can see transaction history of google pay
Press the cross click.
Select delete button
You can delete last hour, last day, and all time transactions.
You can only delete it from google pay account.

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