How to cut glass bottle easily with yarn and kerosene

          Today I would like to inform you about how to cut a glass bottle  easily. Glass bottle is a bottle made from glass. It can vary in size. It is most commonly  found in sizes. It is commonly  used  for soda,liquor,cosmetics,and pickling.we can reuse all glass bottles.  We can easily re implement  it. 

         It is easier to clean than plastic. It is less likely  to develop  scratches that hold on to odours and residue. It is more durable.  It keeps filtered water fresh  and pure. It will retain clarity  after washings.

          We can use a glass cutter,sharp knives ,saw blades  to cut the glass.  Score the bottle ,to create the line that bottle will break off ,use a glass cutter to score a line. Heat the bottle.Dip the bottle in cold water. Repeat and sand the edges .

              We can cut the glass bottle with yarn and kerosene. First take the bottle and wrap the yarn around the area to be cut.Apply kerosene  to the yarn. Fire the yarn and rotate the bottle. 

           After the fire ,dip the bottle in water. We can see easily.y cut the bottle.  It is very easy  to cut the glass. Then smoothen the edge of the glass.

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