How to cut churidar material in 5 minutes

      Let’s see how to sew a churidar beautifully at home. Those who do not know how to sew churidar can also sew  in this way. It does not require any measurement. We can sew it in 5 minute.

        A churidar stitch costs around Rs 500 . Even if have a tailoring machine at home, many people do not know how to sew. It does not require sewing experience.We can stitch  the churidar easily. 

       Fold the churidar cloth in half and fold it again at the boarder wise. We get 4 layer.Take a churidar top that fits us  and trace it on top. Fold the churidar and place it on top. The fold of cloth and churidar should be at the same level. 

      Draw according to body shape. Mark the outside of the 1/4 th,where the hand joins. The sew allowance is one and half inches.

      Mark the waste is 1 ½ inch and 1 ¼ inch in slit,chest  1 ½ inch.Draw according to the shape and it can be cut and taken along the second line. Take the folded cloth in four layer  for the sleeve. 

      The cloth can be held together and the folded part of the top of the churidar can be held together.Mark and shape the cloth.Cut the sleeve and stitch well.

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