How to cure cracked heels

      Today I would like to inform you about an easy tip to clear the cracked heels.Cracked heels occur mainly in dry skin. It cause discomfort and uncomfortable nuisance .It is the tiny splits occur in dry and damaged heels.If untreated , it will occur deep and painful and dangerous infections. 

    Mainly it is caused by diabetes, obesity, hypothyroidism, athlete’s foot,flat feet,standing for long time,etc.

     We can treat this with use of oil creams, petroleum jelly, etc.Avoid standing in one position  for long time. If you have diabetes/obesity give special care to your feet, Moisturize your heel 3 times per day.Use pumice stone to remove hard skin. Apply liquid bandage.

     We can use honey as a foot scrub .We can use coconut oil after foot soak.we can use vinegar as a foot soak. We can use mashed bananas,shea butter,olive oil for moisturize. Put socks during night time.

         Clean the heel very well. Using pumice stones to remove dead  skin after bath.Soak your in hot water and using pumice stone .Apply aloe vera gel to the heel.Take 1 tsp honey,3 tsp glycerin .mix well.After using aloe vera gel , apply this mixture to the heel with swab. Then wear socks during night time..  It is the best remedy to clean your heel .

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