How to cool well water with clay rings

Cold water lowers body temperature and prevents excessive sweating.It prevents dehydration. So it is very important in the summer season. Drinking water improves blood flow ,clears the skin ,helps carry oxygen and nutrients to the cells.It improves digestion, protects the organs from damage. Drinking water as part of our daily routine.An average person needs to drink 3 liters of water a day. Not drinking enough water leads to internal problems.

Cold water cools our temperature, helps to weight loss,prevent excessive sweating, can drink it during strenuous activities like exercising, running,etc.It cools our body.when extremely hot outside,cold water helps to combat heat stroke during summer seasons. It helps to burn an extra 70 calories each day.It helps to improve exercise performance.

We can see how to cool the well water easily. It is very effective. We can drink cool water without using a fridge. They used clay for this purpose. Firstly filter and knead the clay well. Then it went well.And it is placed in a rectangular mold.Then placed into a circular mold. It is the same as a ring.

Then it is kept in a large burning oven for two days. We will get clay well rings. It is a natural ring. It is in sree krishna clay rings,kanippayyur. They do not use does not have expiry date. We can use it for many years. They make holes to the clay ring to drain water .

They placed metals behind the clay well. They do not use any types of doesn’t have complaints. Then place bricks behind it. We will get cool and tasty water from these wells.

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