How to control sugar using guava leaf 

              Sugar is one of the most common health problems we see today. In ancient  times, sugar is appeared after the age of 60yrs. But now at the age of 30,  the onset of diabetes has begun. In the early stages of diabetes does not require medication. 

                       We can only control sugar through natural methods by  controlling our diet. Today we introduce you to one of the best remedies to control sugar. It is a remedy made by guava leaf.

         Take 10 guava leaves.wash the leaves well.  Boil half litre of water and add the leaves. Allow the water to boil very well. Guava leaves contains a lot of fiber contents. It reduce  the sugar level in the blood very well.

                   Boil this water and drink it in the morning,  afternoon and evening. Instead of drinking plain hot water, just drink  it. This is one of the best for the health of liver. It also helps to remove heart blocks.

        It helps in lowering the bad cholesterol and  increasing the good cholestrol. Similarly potassium is contained in the guava is very  good for heart muscles. It helps to glowing the skin. It helps to reduce obesity. It helps in lowering  the sugar very well. You can be drinking continuously up to 3 months.

            It is not mandatory to drink on an empty stomach. It has no side effects. Check your sugar level after drinking this water continuously for a few days. Please try this and share this information to others.

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