How to control our cholesterol  level

   Cholesterol is essential for our body. But if it is too much that cholesterol is harmful to our body. Excess cholesterol can lead to heart attack. Most of our increase cholesterol is due to changes in our lifestyle. 

        All peoples are thinking, the main cause of high cholesterol is eating fatty food. But that is not the main reason for increasing the cholesterol. Many people take the medicines for cholesterol. 

       In our body liver is the largest producer of cholesterol. When the level of sugar in our blood increases, the liver produces cholesterol. When we eat a lot of foods like rice,wheat,maida,that time our body sugar level increases and increased our cholesterol level.

      We can control  our cholesterol level through  exercise, diet and food control.Avoid rice and wheat contained foods,oats,Adequate sleep can reduce  the cholesterol level

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