How to control  diabetes without medicine 


      Today  I would like to inform you about how to control diabetes  without medicine. Diabetes is a metabolic disease  that causes high blood sugar.In this condition the body does not produce  insulin or doesn’t use it efficiently.  The main symptoms  of diabetes are thirsty,tiredness,weight loss,genital itching, frequent  urination, infections, blurred vision,headache,cloudy urine,fruity smell of urine, skin infections, nausea,increased hunger and thirst.

        It increases the risk of cardiovascular  problems,chest pain,stroke,heart attack,stroke,etc. We can live a long healthy life with diabetes.  Sweet ,fruity  smell in the breath is the sign of diabetes. 

      We can prevent diabetes. Avoid sugar and refined carbs from diet,work out regularly, drink plenty  of water,avoid smoking,alcohol.Avoid saturated and transcription fats,red meats.

       Walking reduces blood sugar level. Take green leafy vegetables, greens,melon,grain, Fibre rich food,protein  rich foods. Take adequate  sleep. Take fresh fruits ,carrots, broccoli,etc.Reduce stress.Maintain healthy weight.  Eating fiber rich foods. Those with diabetes are commonly  found to be zinc deficient. Cinnamon  helps to lower blood glucose  level.

      Today we can see how to control blood glucose level. Do exercise regularly.   In the first stage of diabetes,you should control blood sugar earlier. It helps to prevent diabetes. It is called diabetic reversal. Avoid over eating. Maintain adequate  weight. Make a diet plan. 

Exercise daily for 1 hour. We can select cycling, swimming,and walking. Do stretching exercises. Rotate the joints. We can do weight taking exercises. 

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