How to control bad odour from our body

          We are all suffer from the smell of sweat. Even though we use many sprays,  it is a same smell again.Let’s see how to get rid of this bad smell. Sweat stays in our body and it makes a bad smell.It is a bacterial infection. Mainly under the arm get more sweating.Some peoples get more sweat.

        Excessive  odour on our sweat is caused by certain changes in our lifestyle. It is  important to keep our body clean. Take a bath twice a day.Remove the hairs from the private parts .When you go outside,you should take a clean bath.

          Today we would like to introduce an easy tips to eliminate the smell of sweat. Cut a lemon in half. Dip one end of the lemon into the sugar and  rub well under our armpit.Do this twice a week.

            We can add spa milk salt /herbal soap into the vetiver(ramacham ) and rub under the armpit/ our whole body  reduce the bad odour.Do this once a week.

       Neem(aryaveppu) leaves have anti bacterial  properties. Boil neem leaves with water and take bath in that water.It reduces all our skin disorders.

        Drink boiled water with cardamom. We can maintain a good odour. Drink more water.Bath twice a day.

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