How to connect watts meter and how to know the reasons of increasing  electricity  bill 

       Electricity is the basic part of nature. It is a widely used form of energy. It is a very important thing in our life. We can’t think what life would be like without  Electricity. We use electricity for many jobs , from lighting, heating, cooling our homes and powering computers, television, refrigerators, is a controllable form of energy. It is the flow of electric vpower.It is an essential  part of modern life.

        It provides entertainment, engineering uses, transport uses, commercial  uses,offices, healthcare,offices,etc.The uses of electricity  starting from listening to music .We can use electricity  for operating modern technologies in the medical field.The doctors  need powerful light during operation. Construction of buildings requires electricity. Electricity  is used for communication .

     Electricity  bill depends on the monthly usage. Your electric  heat,air conditioner, and water heater will make up the greatest percentage of electric should concentrate your energy management  efforts. The primary factor that impacts electricity bills is energy used by electric appliances. The average electricity usage of electricity is increasing at 4 to7 percent  per should use electricity  more efficiently.  It helps to reduce  the electricity  bill.

       If you are planning to install a small renewable energy  system to make electricity  such as solar electric systems. It helps to reduce electricity  loads .You should purchase energy efficient products. Use advanced  strips to reduce loads.use natural  lights in the day time. Reduce always on appliances. You can use a smart meter,you can see hourly consumption. 

Always buy fewer bulbs of higher wattage. Always buy electronic gadgets with capacity for your needs. Install solar panels. Use LED lights. Turn off unnecessary  lights. Turn off water when brushing, washing hands and shaving. 

       Unplug unused electronics.manage thermostat, reduce heat in the kitchen,run full loads,wash laundry  in cold,make sure you are on a fixed rate electricity plan to avoid paying off contract rates.

       We can see an instrument used to know   the watts of electricity  used is called watts meter. We can connect  it in DB.We can know the watts used by the products .We can know the watts and reduce the usage of such products. It helps to reduce  the electricity  bill. We can see the watts,power factor, ampere,kilowatt,etc. It is a clamping  type product.

        We can clamp it. It has no limits.we can use 4 mcb connection. Connect the watts meter. We need 220 v to work on this product.  Give input voltage. And provide phase and neutral.Then connect the loads. Put off the voltage, put on the current. Put on the supply. We can see the line voltage. Reduce the loads and we can see the reduction of watts. It has Rs 1600.

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