How to connect the phone to the TV .

          I would like to share with you about a system that allows us to see everything in our phone on our TV. We can see this using Wi-Fi. Now children in all households are learning through online. 

       But we can share the contents of this phone via Wi-Fi and watch it on TV. Another feature is that we can watch it on any type of TV. Study videos are better to watch on TV than on the phone.

        Let’s see how things on that smartphone are shared to TV via Wi-Fi. We use a device for this called anycast . This device usually available in all electronics shops. It is available to us online. With this we can connect all the devices with Wi-Fi to the TV.

      Let’s we can see how this anycast device connects to the LED monitor. Connect to HDMI pin of the TV after powering via USB.Leave the section marked  Wi-Fi. 

          When the power is turned on, a blue light will be on on this device. A display will appear on the monitor of the TV. Change the button that  connected to the phone. 

          Click on the wireless display / screen sharing in the more option in the wireless section in the phone’s settings.We can see the any cast number  in the phone.

              If your phone doesn’t  have screen sharing option,download the all connect application. We can see you tube files, pictures, audio files in the monitor. We can browse also.

          In the normal TV,we can give power for the any cast device. Add HDMI to AV converter. Provide the required supply for the converter. Then pair and connect to the regular TV.Similarly we can connect this device to any projector.

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