How to connect solar panels to the electric  auto


     An electric vehicle operates an electric motor instead of an internal combustion generates power by burning fuel and gases. Electric vehicles  function by plugging into charge point and taking electricity from the grid.These vehicles store electricity in rechargeable batteries. These vehicles do not require fuels.These vehicles  are environmentally friendly. It does not emit pollutants. It needs lower maintenance due to efficient electric motor.we can easily harge these vehicles. Electric vehicles are lighter and have faster acceleration. 

    Electric rickshaws are small three wheeled vehicles. It is powered by electric  motors ranging from 650 to 2400 watts.It has low fuel cost.It is mostly manufactured in India China.

    Mahindra treo is a new range of electric is powered by advanced Lithium ion technology. It offers higher savings, superior ride quality.Auto Rickshaws are used in cities and towns for short distances.Electric auto rickshaws are light weighted ,and it has mild steel tubular chassis.They use brushless direct current motor .

     The size and seating capacity of vehicles varies from vendor to vendor. Electric rickshaws can vary based on body and design depending on if it is a load carrier.It doesn’t emit toxic pollutants into the air .A good quality controller must be used to increase the performance of the motor.It should be installed with electrical brake cut off ,and it is removed by common rickshaw mechanics .

    The braking system is mechanical drum reduces the mileage of the vehicle. Normal rickshaws  run on mechanical energy which uses fuel to travel .Our air is polluted and 91% people breathe dangerous air.Vehicle uses fossil fuels that emit a lot of carbon dioxide.But electric rickshaws are eco-friendly which reduces air and noise pollution. 

    Electric auto Rickshaws have low operational cost. Over prolonged use this equates to high savings for the operators of this vehicle. It has zero emission. It is a great plus point for a city.

      Auto rickshaws are common across India. Solar electric rickshaws are widely adopted and users need to have a good understanding about it. Solar e rickshaw is powered by a battery that stores electricity generated by solar panels attached to the vehicle. It has  solar panels which consist of multiple solar cells that convert Sun’s energy into usable electricity. Charging the rickshaw at home throughout the night can be very expensive. During the time when the electric rickshaw is off the energy from the sun goes to the battery to be stored for later.

     It has low speed and cannot move more than 25 km per hour. Solar electric rickshaws are much better than other electric rickshaws due to their ability to self charge. It gives long term affordability also. Many companies are  looking  to improve solar Rickshaw design to make it safer and comfortable.

     We can see how to connect solar to the mahendra trio auto rickshaws. It is a good idea. First we can make a frame .It involves 450 watts.we can connect 350 watts to it. We can connect it spot time.And connect to the auto rickshaw.Mahindra trio auto Rickshaw has 48 watt battery. But we need 60 watts. Check the voltage using a machine. 

      We can connect a buck booster board to it . It is 20 can buy it online or offline.we can give 12 input voltage depending you will get 90 output from this machine. Then connect an input connector and antigen connector. Then connect a connector and clip and connect to the antigen connector.  Then connect a computer socket to the input and solar. These connectors are water proof wires. Connect solar volt to the input.

      Check the can see the voltage 61 volt.connect these wires to the can see the charging. It is very useful. You can drive 8 hours continuously.  You will get extra 2 unit electricity. 




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