How to connect second RCCB for inverter to avoid electric  shock


      An inverter is an electronic device that  converts DC power to AC power which is required to run most of the equipment in domestic and commercial uses. Most of the houses used inverters. Because it helps to convert electric power into alternating power. Inverter stores backup during power outages and supplies alternating current power to the appliances. Power inverter has an ability to control its  compressor motor speed. It allows it to maintain the temperature without having to power down its motor.

      Inverter battery lasts anywhere around 5 to 10 hours when it is fully charged. Inverters are the best solution to a problem of power cuts in your home. If you live in an area which sees frequent power cuts, you will want to invest in a good quality inverter. You can use this inverter for a long period of time. Choose the best inverter for your home. We can see several types of inverters in our market. So you should think twice before using an inverter.

      There are mainly Three Types of inverters in the market. They are sine waves,modified sine waves and Square waves. If you want to select an inverter, power output is usually the main factor. There are many factors that go into selecting the best inverter. Inverter is a device for converting frequency. It is used in home appliances and controls electric voltage ,current and frequency.

     An inverter does not increase electricity bills. Because it converts direct current power to home alternative current power. An inverter lasts between 3 to 4 years. It requires regular maintenance , electrolyte level check, topping up regularly.

      An inverter plays a major role when we do not have electricity. You should place an inverter vertically or horizontally on a flat area. It should not be placed in the engine compartments as engines get heated easily and emit harmful fumes. You should place it in a cool and dry place. Keep the machine away from water and moisture. Do not operate with hands which can cause shock. You should keep it in a well ventilated place. 

      Inverter helps to provide a backup when there is no electricity. It has very good physical properties. It provides safety to us. Nowadays one of the biggest requirements of a house is having an interrupted power and internet connectivity. Because power cuts can be challenging to work without the power getting interrupted. So you can select a reliable power backup system.

      Inverters are extremely helpful home appliances when power cuts on high. It helps to convert DC to AC. If you want to buy an inverter for your home you should know all the features to make the most suitable decision. With the advancement of Technology there are Various inverters available in the market with smart features like  Wi-Fi and bluetooth connectivity. It helps to connect the inverter with the mobile application . You can easily download it  on your smartphone. It is more consumer friendly by making it easy to know about the readings, battery ,charging time etc. It helps to monitor the inverter easily.

     An inverter must be capable of handling high power requirements. You should easily calculate the power requirement of your home with all essential appliances you will need to power during power cut. It helps to understand the capacity of an inverter. Durability and efficiency of a product is important. You should check the durability and efficiency of the inverter, you should ensure that you are selecting a good quality product that has a long life cycle.

      You can use the best inverter with noiseless operations. Noisy inverter may interrupt your working. A good inverter for home may have UPS mode, it provides fast change of current from main to backup power. It helps to protect all your data. It helps to work from home easier. 

      We can see about a second RCCB in the inverter normal case we only use one RCCB in our home. While using one RCCB,electric shock from any point, the main RCCB will trip.In this time the inverter will turn ON automatically. It will not affect RCCB and the current supply will come on line and get a strong electric shock.

      To avoid this type of shock, we connect a second RCCB for the inverter should know about  this second RCCB. In a DB box ,there is a main RCCB.If you get electric shock from any part of the line ,this RCCB will trip automatically. At that moment, the inverter will be ON. And all MCB will get supply. So you get a powerful electric shock.

     So you should  connect an additional RCCB.It will protect you from electric shock. You can add an extra RCCB in the inverter line.if there is any leakage,the main and inverter  RCCB will trip.No Power supply to inverter connect rooms. So you will get 100% protection from electric  shock.If there is any leakage in the power line the second  RCCB will be tripped automatically. 

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