How to connect an automatic water controller in tank

      Today I would like to inform you about a machine used to automatically off the motor. This machine is called automatic water level controller. Overflowing the tank is a major problem for most people.And often forget to turn off the motor.  It is very helpful to those people. We get this automatic machine at Rs 800.

     We get ARIMBRA  automatic water level controller . It contains controller,cable and sensor.  We can make a hole using driller and attach controller. Then give connections to the motor. Then connect the plug to the box from motor. It has lights to know the level of water in the well and the level of water in the motor.

       Connect the sensor to the cable tank. It is called drier and sensor. It has wires noted the ½,¾ and stopper.Mainly it has 5 sensors. Red color used for commonly,yellow colour used for 25%,black colour used for 50%and blue colour used for 75% and green colour for stop. We should connect the wires to the sides of the tank . We can be set water .even within 2 minutes.

     It has a detector to know about any problems. We an be connect the two connections.   Then tape with a insulation tape. If the four sensors has light,press the switch to on. We can adjust the level of water.

    We can buy this automatic water level controller from flip cart. Its price is Rs 854.We can control the water level through this machine.

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