How to clear the problem of difference in extent in a land – resurvey

Adharam is a document written by authorized licensee in a stamp paper as per value of land. It is registered in the register office at the time of transaction. It can be a will.It contains area, boundaries, about a land. Adharam is a registered document. It is required in the time a property is transferred from one person to deed is a valuable document. The purchase of sale of a property is legally complete only when it is executed by the seller and registered. Pattayam is the basic document of a land.The stamp duty and registration fees of a sale deed will differ from state to state . It would require two witnesses to sign .

The land registration process is governed by section 17 act.all transactions related to the sale should be registered to ensure the transfer of clean title.By registering property,the document of transfer becomes permanent record.

Sometimes the quantity of the land differs from the adharam. We can solve this problem easily. Resurvey is to prepare land records showing the existing limit of land holding including the persons for whom certificate of purchase ,conferment of title . In many cases there is variation in extent in the reserved records from previous survey and settlement records.After finalization and implementation of reserves records basic tax is collected according to area in the reserves records.

Our government is bringing in new legislation which allows granting ownership to the owner in case of increase in the area of his private land after the resurvey.They will assign the land to the owner after charging him fee .Revenue department introduce a settlement act to assign extra area of land to private owner.It regulation ownership of extra land.The resurvey and use of modern measurement systems threw up case of people found to be possession of land was little less or more .Land owners cannot pay property tax until the excess land is assigned to them.

We can solve this problem easily. If you have less than 5 cent land,you can submit an application to the tahsildar and they come and measure the property. They check the property and clear the problem. If you have more than 5 cent property,you should submit an application to the collector, they can clear this problem.

If you want to separate the land ,the cost depends on the price of the land. You should enter the amount based on the marketing price of the land. You can pay the fees based on this amount seen in the adharam. Theeradharam needs high stamp duty and fees are required. If it is a partition paper,it also has restrictions. If it is family members there will be a big discount.

Many people take a loan and build a house on the property before dividing it. The house should be built only after transfer in the property to one’s own name. Otherwise it may be lost.

We can see what to do if the land is less than adharam when it is measured. If there is resurvey done, you will get the land based on resurvey. But you can’t do anything. You can submit a complaint to the revenue officer.

Usually no one buys the family property at a price. It is usually received as part deed, gift or in will.If you want to buy the family property, it is better to write in theeradharam. It is good to show that you have the rights to get other properties of your parents. Will is a valid document. You can write it in white paper.

Laksham houses can’t be sold to others. Dead deed is written voluntarily by a person of his own will. If one person is unable to sign, the other person can sign and assist him.otherwise they can submit to the register office and get assistance from a mukhtyar agent.

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