How to clean wooden furnitures

              We all have wooden furnitures in our homes. It may look good when purchased but after a while it will lose its luster. No matter how many years later, I want to share with you one formula that makes furniture looks as good as it gets.

         We can prepare this formula quickly. We can try this on wooden furniture, doors, Windows and  beds. We can bring it to a point where it seems doubtful whether it is new.


     Spray bottle – 1

     Olive oil        – ¼ Cup

     Vinegar         – ½ cup

  • Pour  ¼ cup of olive oil in to  a spray bottle.
  • Pour ½ cup of vinegar into it.
  • These two things are essential just to prepare a wooden polish.
  • We can also use regular coconut oil instead of olive oil.
  • Once this is mixed we can spray it on our windows ,furnitures and doors .
  • Then wipe with a microfiber cloth or banyan cloth.
  •  This will allow us to regain the lost luster of the furniture very quickly.
  • Special care should be taken not to fall into the cushion when wiping the cushioned sets. 
  • please share this information to others.

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