How to clean brass lamp (nilavilakku) without water.

       Today I would like inform you how to clean nilavilakku.Nilavilakku is a special kind of lamp used in kerala. It is a traditional  lamp ,used in spiritual and traditional purposes. It is also called brass lamp. It is made up of brass.cotton wicks doused in oil for lighting the lamp.

     We can clean this lamp without water. After cleaning,we lightening the lamp.Norma..y we clean the lamp with dish wash. Firstly 4emove the grease use dish wash.Then apply lemon/tamarind and salt all over the surface of the lamp.scrubbing the lamp.clean it.

     But today I want to introduce how to clean the lamp without water.we can clean 2 type of lamps.we can clean it naturally. Take a cloth  and wipe the lamp.



Rock salt 

       Put the rock salt to the lamp. Soaked tamarind apply to the lamp. After 5 minutes wash it and wipe well.Dip a cloth in layis Bhasmam and apply to the lamp. Continue for 2 days. 

        In daily usage lamp,do not need to apply tamarind, water. Take a cloth and wipe well with bhasmam daily.

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