How to clean Aluva stove

            Kitchen is the most important part of a home. Everything we fit in the kitchen  after we have carefully examined it. The most important of them is the stove. A variety of stores are now found.

         Aluva stoves are now the most common. When we put the stove it should be beautiful and useful to us. We need to have a plan before we want to fit any type of stove.

       Today I would like to introduce you to a stove that is very useful.The size of this stove is 9-12. Below this size will be 8 to 10. But in sizes 8 to 10 it can be very difficult. Because it’s  small stove heats up very slowly ,but the big stove will be a lot more. 

         Therefore the correct level would be 9 to 12.Box stove is best.We can use this  big stove to grill the chicken.Already we can use the small stove. 

         It is best to use granite. Because it did not explode quickly. The mouth of the stove should be small. Likewise this stove does not need a chimney. We can use the cooker in this stove. 

       Today I would like to introduce you to how this stove  can be easily and quickly cleaned. Let’s clean it up just before use. We can use the dish wash bar for cleaning. 

        After the stove cool,just wipe with a cloth. Steel scrubber should not be used because it may cause scratching.

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