How to check the quality of branded  tiles 


       Tiles are very important material in a home. It plays an important role in interior design. Tiles are difficult to choose.ceramic tiles are mostly used in modern houses. It is available in various colors. These tiles are always used in walls,ceilings,and floors,it provides perfect tiling for any part of the building. Ceramic tiles are resistant to impact,stain, force ,water absorption. provides the perfect look and feel of the house. These tiles are utilized to make an ideal feeling. Ceramic tiles have various characteristics. Floor tiles are commonly moisture and heat resistant  products. It doesn’t absorb should be of  regular shape and should be free from cracks.It is easiest to clean.

       It enhances the look of your home .It provides air quality. It has low maintenance. It is very strong and durable. It adds the value of your home. ceramic tiles are affordable. Different designs of tiles are available in the market. 

       Tiles are perceived as a signature to the way interiors. An average Indian consumer has adequate knowledge about the brands. There are floor tiles, wall tiles,cladding tiles available. Depending on percentage of water absorption floor tiles are divided in yo glazed tiles ,vitrified tiles,industrial tiles.vitrified tiles have less than 0.5% water absorption, stain resistant. 

       There is more difference between branded and non branded is based on maintenance of tiles.Branded tiles have 10 to 15 years durability with maintenance. In non bra7 tiles there are thousands of designs available easily in the market. But branded tiles have limitations. Frosted tiles are the best floor tiles.

         Vitrified tiles are made with a mixture of clay and has shiny appearance and it is non porous material. Vitrified tiles have mechanical strength as compared to natural is resistant to stains and scratches, its color does not shade.These tiles have 10 to 12mm thickness. Vitrified tiles are durable. 

       These tiles are of high quality. It ensures consistency of tiles. Some of the best choices available in the Market are Matt,polished, wooden, metallic,marbletech , can choose tiles that provide enough grip and anti-slip features.

  We can see a place where we get branded tiles at low prices. It is in Mangadan floorings,kozhikode. We can see how to know the branded  tiles. Flooring is very important in a house.Before buying tiles, you should  check the quality, models,price.It is the largest studio of Kajaria. It has a wide display of tiles.We can buy quality  tiles from here.

    Its head office is in vylathoor. They have 41 years experience. All vitrified versions, ceramic prina divisions,eternity,full body divisions are available. Branded tiles have different qualities. They maintained its quality. It has a different thickness. Branded tiles have good service. We can change the branded tiles.kajaria brand tiles have print in sides and backs.

      We can use 4k kajaria 800×2400 full body tiles in the countertops. Different colors are available. Nano Whites are 90 % full body and 10% glazing 4k materials. Mushroom,galaxy white available. We can use it on floors. It is 15 mm thick. Galaxy white ,galaxy brown  are available. We can mold and  use it in steps.because it is full body material. 

      Galaxy cream, galaxy mushrooms, black colours are available.Kajaria Full body tiles start at Rs should check the quality of a tile.kajaria 4×2 designs full bodies  are here.variety colors are here.Variety mockups are available here.50 designs and variety colors are here . It is above Rs 85.

      Parking tiles are available. We can use these tiles in heavy traffic  areas.Different types of wall tiles are here.These tiles are stain resistant. Different types of wooden tiles are here.Non branded tiles are here. It starts at Rs can buy these tiles at affordable  rates.

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