How to check if the pension amount has reached the account

        The state government  has now started the distribution of arrears of pension due after onam. Upto Rs 2600 has been deposited in the bank accounts of many peoples. But many people do not know much about it. Today I want to share with you how to find out if your pension is credited your account.

        This pension will be a great relief to the common man at this time when various needs are multiplying in the context of this lock down. Distribution of pension is done in two ways. The first method  is the Co- operative Society officials will hand over the amount to the deserving persons in compliance with the covid rules. The second method is to deposit the pension amount in the bank account.

           Approximately 1654 crore set apart for Social Security pensions and over 160 crore for welfare fund  members. We will get these pensions even before onam. 

       A large  number of pensioners  are pending their pensions  due to an error in the IFSC code. All such persons should contact the concerned  local body and seek the mistakes, edit and correct the mistakes. 

       For most people the amount is  now transferred to the accounts. We need to open a web browser to know about the pensions.

        Open the Google Chrome. Type sevana pension. The first thing we see is the pension search. That is we  come to the official website of the welfare pension. It is on this site that we examine the information about pensions. 

        When we  click on that website,  the sevana pension page will appear. There are three ways in which we can check weather our pension has arrived. You should enter pension ID,  aadhar number and the account number.

               Selecting the option with aadhar number. Type  the aadhar number. Verify the four digit number below it. Said that all the information related to our pension is given  on the page that opens. If the bank account has been mustering, it is also recorded.

            There are also documents that show the period for which we received the pension. We can find out if the amount has been credited to the bank account. Mised call  service in banks can be availed. This way we can know if the pension has arrived and find out if there are any errors. Please share this information to others

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