How to change the password in Wi-Fi router

Wi-Fi is a Wireless networking technology that helps devices such as computers like laptops, desktops, mobile devices and other equipment like printers and video cameras to interface with the internet. It helps the device to exchange information with one another. You will get internet connectivity through Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is a brand name created by a marketing firm. It enables communications with the current of Wi-Fi enabled wireless devices like wireless routers and access points. It is supported by different IEEE standards. It can operate on varying frequencies, deliver different bandwidth and support different numbers of channels.

Wireless access point helps wireless devices to connect the wireless network. It is easy to bring new devices online and provide flexible support to mobile workers. It takes the band width coming from a router and stretches it so that many devices can go on the network from distances. It gives useful data about devices on the network,provides security and serves practical purposes.

Wireless routers are commonly seen in homes. It is a hardware device that internet service providers use to connect their cable.Wireless network is also called Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi networks help connect between two or more devices wirelessly for data sharing. It is a simple and cost effective way to connect Wi-Fi routers without wires.

Students can easily and quickly share documents, edit presentations, store project files and improve their teamwork skills through Wi-Fi. If someone is able to easily access your home wireless network and access your local file. To prevent this make sure that your Wi-Fi password is strong. If someone hacked your Wi-Fi they can monitor all your unencrypted traffic. They can spy on data sent across your network from all your devices.

Wifi security was established to create a strong barrier from hackers.WIFI security prevents unauthorized users from accessing your wifi and stealing data. It acts as a barrier to protect wireless networks from threats. Routers tend to come with preset passwords and these are very easy to hack. It is important to create more complex passwords to strengthen the security. A Wi-Fi network password is the one that connects your device to the network. Routine admin password is the one that lets you manage your device setting. We can change Wi-Fi passwords easily. Each company has different settings.

How to change wifi password( D link)

Open google chrome
Enter in the address bar.
Enter username admin and password admin.
Press the login button.
You can see a control panel.
Select wireless option.
Select wireless basic option.
Enter the name of the network.
Select security option
Enter password in the space of pre pre-shared key.
Select apply option.

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