How to change the ownership of a vehicle 


      A vehicle is necessary in our life.There are a lot of people who have their own vehicles. As our cities grow,the rate of ownership  of a car also increases. It is a lifetime investment. It ensures your health in this pandemic, by owning a vehicle. Public  Transportation  gives you more risk of infection. Vehicles are easily  accessible during  emergency  situations.  Everyone is interested in buying old cars. There are some legal implications in changing  the ownership of cars. 

      Vehicle ownership  requires fewer permits. The owner of a vehicle  is a person that bought the vehicle. Ownership of a vehicle  is the process of purchasing  a car. Car owners should maintain  their vehicles  to a safe condition.  If they don’t  keep the vehicle  in safe working condition, they could be responsible  for an accident. 

       There are three types of documents  in the registration. The buyer of a vehicle  needs form.The first paper you need is to collect the transfer of ownership paper  in the office. The change of ownership  needs fees .You should remember the transfer  of the vehicle  insurance  policy,icy. In the transfer  of ownership process, the name of the buyer is recorded as the registered  owner instead of the earlier owner .

          If the registered owner of the vehicle  dies,transfer of ownership  is very effective  in the name of legal heirs .When a vehicle is sold in public auction, the name of buyer recorded as a registered should  change the name of the owner of the vehicle  in the RC book and insurance. If you give Rc book to the RT office to change the owner’s name,after 14 days you should  change the name in the insurance. Otherwise you will not get any insurance  coverage  from the insurance  companies. 


  • Registration  certificate 
  • Pollution  certificate 
  • Insurance  certificate 
  • FORM 30
  • Receipt 

          We can see how to change the ownership  of a vehicle.  Visit the motor vehicle department  web portal in Google. Select vehicle option. Then select transfer of ownership apply online option. Select the RTO office. Then type the registration  number  and enter the last five digits of the chassis number .We can see all details  of our vehicle. We should enter  the buyer’s details.  Then save the details.  We will get a transfer  ownership receipt. You can pay the amount through the treasury. Select the bank and you will get a number. After the payment,  you will get a receipt.  You can give it to the insurance  company  to change the RC ownership  of the vehicle. You should  give an envelope  with it. 

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