How to change the mobile display at Rs 1500

       Today I would like to inform you about the phone display. Often our phone falls down and the display cracks. Many people use very expensive phones . So breaking the display will make it a very difficult for us.

        When the mobile phone display breaks, we usually take it to a service centre. They will buy at least half the price of a mobile phone to fix the mobile phone display. That’s why we go to mobile shops and change displays. In all shops touch and display of the mobile phone  usually change together. We can’t get the quality and clarity of original phone. 

          But today I want to share with you a system where only the glass can be changed without changing the touch . In phone cafe shop,they change only the mobile glass. It is in martool,kavila pparambu  grama panchayat. Normally the price   to change the mobile display is Rs 3500. But here they buy only half of it.

        They use a display sprayer machine to change this mobile glass. The price of this sprayer machine is Rs 1.5 lakhs. Firstly they separate the LCD and glass.They use a thread for this  called jumber. And clean the display. Then paste the LC lamination sheet. Then correct the settings using pressing machine. Its price is Rs 1500 only.

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