How to change the mistakes in PM kisan card

        The biggest update of the Kisan Samman Nidhi has  come ,40,000 families who were to receive the fifth installment of kisan samman nidhi have  been out from the benefit eligible.The fifth installment, Rs 2000 will not get them. But the central government has suggested a way.

          For farmers on farmland, the greatest benefit is that we have on the part of the central government. This is a benefit to the farmers as a  small help. We can apply for it and try to get this benefit. There is no time limit for applying for it. We can apply for this as online either  through Akshaya Centres or Jan Seva centres. All the applications are required to come to the Krishi Bhavan and verify including all the documents. After such verification is completed, the Kisan Samman Nidhi benefit is available only after getting the Krishi Bhavan approval. The benefit of this is get Rs 2,000 for 3 times a year and 4 months intervals.

                   The benefit would be Rs 5000 per  annum . One thing to note for all those who are applying online is that  after the online application there is currently an application that needs to be clearly filled out in Malayalam. It can be downloaded from the official website of the department of agriculture . After filling it ,we will submit it to the Agriculture Department along with the documents in our possession. Now the fifth installment of the Kisan Samman Nidhi, which has forty thousand people has  been blocked .

          The main reason for this is the central governments explanation of the differences in the name of the Aadhar card  and the application form of Kisan Samman Nidhi. In that case, our benefit would be disrupted. This is why 40,000 people have been denied this benefit. If so the first  thing you need to do is check your status. It is available in the farmers corner section in the official website of the Kisan Samman Nidhi.

         In that we can be utilised the check status. You can check your  status with registered bank account details or Aadhaar number or phone number. If shown as adhar  number is not verified, the difference in the name of the aadhar card and the application is shown . In that case, if you correct it ,you may get fifth  installment. 

              For many reasons many people did not get this amount . Such people should first use this ‘check status system’. If there is the  mistake in the aadhar card then change it. If there are mistakes in the IFSC code, that too is now changed . But it is hard to change if you have Bank account number mistakes. If there is any mistakes in our name, we can correct the mistakes from our home . We can edit and correct the name. Thus  we can get fifth installment. Please share this information to others.

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