How to change the gear properly in manual  gear box vehicles 

                 Putting the wrong gear  in the early days in a common mistake made by anyone learning to drive. Instead of putting in first gear, they will put 3rd gear and give the accelerator while holding the clutch.

         Similarly until the fourth gear is selected ,instead of the second gear . Thus  when the vehicle is taken, the vehicle is likely to stop. Let’s see how to change the gear smooth. Gear is used to change the engine tok depending on the situation of the vehicle is facing. Mostly we have to select the gears  in Manual gearboxes. 

          Gear positions are shown above the gears of any vehicle. After sliding  into the side, you can put it in the front and put it in first gear. Second gear is put  straight back from 1st year. Put the gear to the centre and then straight up to the third gear. Put it back gear to the centre and put it back on 4th gear.  Then take the gear to the side and top it up the Top Gear and reverse gear is also taken back.

       In some vehicles, small differences can be seen in reverse gear selection. Some vehicles have a clip on the bottom of the gear lever. Similarly some vehicles have  pushing the gear lever down and putting the reverse gear. Forward gears will be the same in all vehicles .

             It is essential to check that the gear is neutral while getting into the vehicle. In some vehicles, the lever can be seen play even when the gear is on. After everyone slides into the gear side, the gear checked if it is neutral or not. In some vehicles, if it is a long time so it had play after the push damaged. If the vehicle is in the gear ,the vehicle may jump into the front.  Always do a gear up and down before starting the vehicle and then check if it is in the neutral. 

      This is the way to ensure that the vehicle is in the correct neutral. The clutch must be fully pressed to select the gear. The inner side of the hand should always be on the right side of the gear when changing the gear. When in first gear, always press to the left side and then moved forward. After that , when you go straight down from the first gear then the neutral and back to the second gear.

        After that, if you put the gear straight into the front, if you put it in the neutral and put forward will be in the third gear. Similarly the gear take back to neutral and again back to the fourth gear. After pressing the gear to the right side, if you put it up you will get  the top gear and if you turn back you will get reverse gear. After learning how to change the gear on and everyone drives very well. Please share this information to others.

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