How to change normal inverter to solar inverter 

      Today I would like to inform you how to change the normal inverter to the solar inverter. Our houses have power cut. It is very difficult for us during power cut time. If the power goes south then our electronic devices like TV,fridges,  computers,will not work.And power cuts will be very irritable for us. So many houses have inverters. Now an inverter is mandatory. 

     Inverter is a power electronic device that changes DC to AC. It supports our electrical equipment. It plays a major role when it does not have electricity. But it needs electricity.  So we get a large current bill.

     A solar inverter  converts DC from solar panels in to AC .Home inverters take the DC power from the batteries and convert to AC power. But solar inverters do this same thing if it is off grid solar system. In an on grid solar system,it takes DC power from solar panels and gives AC power to the grid.

      Solar inverters last for 10 -12 years. We can add solar panels to a normal inverter,we can use exide solar tubular batteries. We can changes normal inverter into solar inverter.  We can use solar energy.  We need a solar charge controller device.

         KSEB started a solar energy project. Every person chooses the solar panel based on their consumption. Those who do not have electricity  at home,we can install solar panels.  We can use this for home lighting purposes. It includes a small battery,charge control,3 panels. We can  use a fan, a mixer, and a refrigerator. We should increase the capacity of the battery. We will get 2 ½ kw ,3 ½ kw  electricity.  From these inverters,three quarters of current goes to electricity. 

        It will help to reduce the current bill.If off grid, excess generated current takes as KSEB.We should give a fixed amount as current bill. We can use an off grid solar system to the poultry farm. After 5 years,you should change the battery.clean the inverter yearly.

     Every house can use solar panels.In on grid,we should pay fixed charges only.we can use washing machines, fridges ,etc . The price of solar isRS 8000. It is DC lighting. We can change the inverter to solar inverter . The price of  2 battery inverter is Rs 1 lakh.The price of 3 kw on grid inverter is Rs 2.40lakh.They will get 12 kw. It has a 12 year warranty. They will not get current bill.

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