Various measurements are used to measure the area of a land. We can calculate the value of land easily. The common land meas urement units are used in our country.  They are heaters,acres, square meters, square yards,etc.A plot is a piece of land and ground is a land area measuring 2,400 square  feet. A square  meter is the area that is enclosed by a square, with measuring sides of 1 meter. 1 square meter is 10.76 square acre is 4,047square meter.Hectare is used for land sale planning. One heater is 10,000 square meter.

        The number and size of plot derived  from layout can easily  find the details  of property. Residential  properties are given in square feet form. In agricultural  land,the property  area is mentioned in acres or  hecters.To find the measurement of the land size,you should multiply the length and width of the land. 

      Square feet is a commonly  used unit. One square feet is 0.11of a square  yard.Square yard is mostly used by local governments in India to fix circle rates. A square is made of 10.76 square  feet. It is equal to the area of the square that is one meter in length on each side .

      When choosing a place to build a house ,many people doubt how many cents the house was built on. Most people do not know what a cent is. It is very easy to calculate the total area of a plot. Plots are usually  measured  in cents. We can measure a place by how far in the side and how  far in the length.Multiply they are known in meters. 

       We can measure  the square plot,we get width multiplied by number  of cent is 40.46 square  meter.A plot is approximately 20 to 21 square feet in length and width can be calculated as one cent in square feet. 100 cents is one hecter is 247 cents .one hecter is equal  to 2 ½ cent is equal  to 40.46 meter square . 1 cent is equal  to 435 square cent is 6.36 meter × 6.36 meter .We can change the square  meter to the cent,acre. In a square  plot ,its area  is the multiplication  of its sides. 

Land measurements in kerala

5 links   =    1 meter

1 cent    =    434.6 sq.ft

1 acre    =    100 cents

1 yard     =   36 inches

1 mile     =   8000 links

1 mile     =   5,280 feet

1 link      =  .66 feet

1 knot      =  6080.2 feet

1 nautica/ mile  =  080 feet

1 mile   =  1760 yards

1 square  yard = 9 square  feet

1 kilometer   =  .62 mile

1 kilometer    = 3280.83 feet

1 inch    =   25400 mm

1 hecter   =  10,000 square  meters

1 furlong   = 660 feet

1 acres    =  2.470 cents

1 feet =   30.48 cm.

1 kilometer  =  1000 meter

1 yard  =  3 feets

1 foot    =  12 inches

1 acre    =  4047sq.m

1 acre     =  .4047 heater

1 acre     =  43,560 square.ft 

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