How to buy things for free  from Amazon 


       Today I would like to inform you about how to  buy goods for free from Amazon .Amazon is the largest online retailer.  Its headquarters are in Washington. In this online shopping, individual  manufacturers  sell their inventory  to Amazon. Amazon gives Amazon ownership  of  sellers inventory, which is then marketed and sold to shoppers.

     It is an internet based enterprise. We can buy books,electronics, toys,housewares ,etc. It is the most successful retailer in western world. We can purchase  with an account from Amazon.  We can use debit  cards, credit  cards,net banking  etc.

      It is offering a wide selection  of products.  It gives excellent customer  service. It has a fairly good return policy.

      Today we can see how to buy things for free from Amazon. You should follow.ow these steps.Open Amazon  on your phone. Search the product. Open the product and copy your product. scroll downwards you can see it is sold by mobicloud and delivered by Amazon.

            Click the mobicloud option. You can see a question.  Click the option to ask a question.   Click product details from selects and subjects. Type a message. Do not type your name.   Paste the copy product name and details. Send email to them. 

         You will get a reply from them. We can search in your account option. Select messages option. You can see the reply.  You will get free product from Amazon, 

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