How to build a low budget house – 550 square feet,2 bedrooms,Rs 7 lakhs



        Everyone has a dream to build a house  at low cost.There is no easy way to build a low cost house as the price  of building materials increases. Excellent planning is necessary to build a house at low should be prepared after deciding requirements of family members. We can avoid unnecessary expenses. At every stage of construction, the amount  is required for the works in advance. It is impossible to complete the construction within the estimated must keep 20% as additional savings. 


      Planning is a very important factor for construction. You should have a clear idea about the requirements before preparing the plan of a should not copy the features of others houses ,it does not suit your budget. You should build a small,comfortable house .You should build your house using hard rocks . It will support  and secure the structure. You can select hollow bricks ,laterite stones to build the walls.Make sure that the bricks that you have chosen are easily available in your area.Before beginning the construction of a house, search the nearest shop whether the materials are available and about transportation. 


      Tiles are the most popular flooring material. You can buy Gujarati tiles that cost Rs 20 to 25,ceramic tiles are available for Rs 40 to 50 .These tiles are easily available in the market. Most people choose expensive should select tiles wisely. The low cost tiles are sturdy ,visually  elegant as brand tiles. Necessity should be the factor to consider while buying  accessories. You should  stay within budget,while choosing bathroom  fittings. 


      Commodes are available  at above Rs 50,000 in the market.  And also beautiful, durable commode are available in the market at Rs should  buy warranty  materials. Light fittings are also an expensive  item. Most of the people  select  low quality  lights.they have durability of just 3 should purchase moderately priced,durable should  compare materials before buying. Good quality light fittings are available at Rs 400 in North Indian cities. You should select ceiling fans that suit your budget..

        Requirements are important to consider while designing a low budget house. You can replace moderately priced materials with expensive ones.low cost building materials prevent pollution, reduce energy consumption,use local materials.low cost housing helps to deal with effective budgeting, following techniques which reduce cost construction. 


      Select the right plot for construction, keep a simple  plan,select quality  materials, and prefer load bearing structure. We can see a budget house built within Rs 7 lakhs. It has 550 square is in keezh parambu, Malappuram. It is build by  co earth foundation. We can see 6 houses .These all are built with the same  materials. 


      This house has 2 bedrooms. Mud blocks are used to build walls. They used granites and tiles for flooring. They used ceramic  tiles. Ceramic tiles are available at Rs 20 in the market. They used readymade doors. FabricatedWBC doors are available in the market. Single doors are available at Rs 3000 in the market. Double doors have Rs 6000.They used mud blocks in the walls. Mud blocks can be interlocked and joined. It doesn’t need cement and sand.And also it doesn’t need plastering. 


        You can buy mud blocks at  Rs can select mud block sizes 5 to 8 can use the first layer with cement block bricks . You can pass the electrical wires through the corners. Extra switch boards can be connected through  drillers.They use concrete in the joints.


       They used concrete windows.  It has low cost. You can buy archidrive at Rs 850.its strands are built by metals.They used aluminum window frames. It has Rs 1300/ window. They used sunshades .  They texture with metal frames and pave the roof tiles.


      They use two types of roofing styles. It has concrete flat roofs and sloped metal roofs. It is cost effective  work. They covered  2 layer roof tiles and concrete. Roof tiles are available in the market at Rs 30.ceramic roofing tiles are available at Rs 80.

This house has 1 living area,2 bedrooms,1 kitchen and bathroom. Interiors are very simple. 


        Mud blocks are made by compacting  wetted mixture of sand, soil,and stabilizer in a machine into a high density  block.These blocks are durable,strong  and it needs less maintenance. 


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