How to build a house  at low cost effectively


      Every person has a dream to make a house on a low budget. But they don’t know how to make it. There are no tricks to build a low cost house. Excellent planning is required to build a house.The plan of the house should be prepared after deciding requirements of family members. If there is a proper and well defined plan,unnecessary expenses could be avoided .At every stage of construction, keep the amount that is required for the works. Impossible to complete the construction of a house by staying within  estimated budget. You should keep 20% as additional savings. 

      Proper planning  is very important in the construction of a house. Do not copy the features  of other houses.It increases the cost of the house. Making a small and comfortable house is better .Using hard rocks will secure and support the house .Before beginning the construction, enquire about the nearest shop for materials. Tiles have been the most popular flooring material .you can buy Gujarat tiles at Rs 20 to 25.ceramic tiles will get Rs 40 to can save a lot of money to purchase tiles.Try to stay within budget while choosing bathroom should check the warranty and documents of bathroom  fittings.

      Light fittings are the most expensive item.low quality lights have durability of just two to three years.It is better to purchase items that are moderately priced.visit different shops to compare the cost of items before buying.ceiling fans should be purchased from authorized showrooms. You can build low cost houses in a variety of styles and configurations.

       We can see how to reduce the cost of a house.  The quality of materials should never be compromised when it comes to reducing the cost of a house. Do not use low cost materials. A house is a lifelong thing. So you should build a house carefully. 

       You should  select a straight plot.It helps to save a lot. Select a plot where the vehicles will arrive. Make sure the electric lines near the plot.Avoid luxury plan ,always make simple plans. Do not change the plan after starting  the construction  of a house. Make a 3D elevation with planning. Foundation is important. Always select easily available materials to the foundation. You can select  rocks,column footing,etc.

       You should select a quality plinth belt.wall bearing is very important. You can select ASC blocks, bricks,cement blocks,interlock should select large materials . It helps to save the cost of materials. It helps to complete the work quickly  and we can reduce the labor cost.

            You should provide entirely Lindal concrete. Avoid cut Lindal concrete. You should  select Steel doors and windows  instead of wood doors and windows. You can select roof concreting at one level. It helps to save costs. Avoid curved  and slope roofs. Do not compromise the plumbing and electric materials. You should purchase quality  materials. Otherwise it causes re plumbing/rewiring within 2 years. You should  select  experienced workers. 

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