How to build a beautiful house for Rs 7 lakh

             Everyone has a dream come true to build a beautiful house at a low cost. But if you want to build a house of medium size in these days, it’ll cost around Rs. 30 lakh. But today I want to share with you how to build a 690 square feet house for Rs 7 lakh. But once we give  to contract work, it’ll cost us about Rs 9 ½ lakh. 

       When we buy the goods ourselves and control the workers  ,it will costs only about Rs 7 lakh. If we give the contract, we will get to all the goods like metals, cements,etc  only after they charge commission.

          It costs us Rs 4500 to make a foundation pit used  with a small Hitachi. But the contractors said that it was Rs 12,500. Full rock dust is used for this works.Msand is used  for concrete and P sand is used for coating. A load of rock dust costs Rs 7000. The soil was brought down by a tipper loaded with an extra body of 2 squares.

         For bed concrete ,metal was used. Black metal should always be used for concrete.One load  black metal was brought down by a tipper loaded with an extra body of 2 squares. The labor charge for that was Rs  5500.

         6 loads of rock were used to build basement and the foundation. The rate for a loaded rock is Rs 4800. It rooms  2 days to build the basement and Foundation. 3 Masons and 2 helpers stood to build the foundation and the basement.The salary  of mason is Rs 950 / day and the salary of helper is Rs 850 / day. Even beat the tap of the house was given to someone else.Rs 40,000 for it. 

        The top layer of the foundation was tap  beaten to make the belt concrete.It’s Rs 3500.We can fill the foundation with waste parts in the old house and mud.We can use cement  bricks to build the house.Totally 1450 cement bricks are used.3 Masons and 2 helpers are worked 2 ½ days to build the level of lindal.

          The Labor charge of sunshade concrete was Rs 5,000. 675 kg of wire was  required for the main concrete and other concrete of the house.The cost of 1 kg wire was Rs 62. 44 sacks of cement,1 load of black metal and one load of m sand  are used for the main concrete.

            Vibrator are used for the concrete. The total was Rs  14,000 including labor charges.Small blocks were used to build the girders on top of the main concrete.

       Cement coating  covered by Rs 60,000 within 14 days.We buy 40 kg white cement and the three painters are white washed the whole house within 2 days. 1 lakh rupees for plumbing and wiring. Bought  tiles for Rs 28/ square feet.

           The total cost for  laying the tiles was Rs 20,000. Totally 182 packet cements are used .Total painting cost was Rs 70,000. The total amount for carpentry work Rs 40 000. The trees in the house were used to make carpentry. The total cost of this house is Rs 7 lakh.

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