How to build a beautiful 4 bedroom house in 5 cents

              A beautiful house is everyone’s dream. It is very difficult to build a house in a low cost way. Today I would like to share with you about a two storey house with 4 bedrooms built to 1800 square feet.

         This house has a medium sized sitout. The entrance to the  living hall is from the sit out. In the living hall we can arrange a setty in L shape and a  teapoy .We can arrange a TV unit in the living area. Dining hall is very special.

           We can arrange a wash basin opposite the dining  room. Here is a medium size kitchen. In the ground  floor we can see 2 bathroom attached bedrooms. In the first floor, we can see living room,2 bath room attached bedrooms. We can see a  balcony in the first floor.Whole design works are in plastering.

          We can full  finish this house for Rs 27 to  28 lakhs. If the house is cement plated  level ,we can finish it at Rs 18 lakh. If the house is only molded level , we can pay Rs 14 lakh. Finish the floor in granite. Build the wall in cement blocks. If we build a house with experienced  people we can build a house on the low cost.

         The ground floor is 1058 square feet and the first floor is 720 square feet.

Sit out  – 344/150cm

Drawing hall  – 360/372 cm

Dining hall  – 592/ 324 cm

Work area  – 144/300 cm

Kitchen   – 264/300 cm

Bed room  – 360/ 372cm

Bathroom  – 200 /120 cm

        We can build this  house on less than five cents.

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