How to boil potatoes without using water 

        Today we are going to introduce you how to cook potatoes without water. When we cook potatoes with water, sometimes there is a possibility of a lot of cooked the potatoe. Sometimes it is possible not to cook. But if you boil the potatoes without water, you will get  good result. Today we’re going to introduce you how to make it.

         For that first take a cooker. Then wash and clean two potatoes  thoroughly. If desired, one potato can be cut in half. Instead of putting water on it, soak a towel and place it on top of the potatoes. If you do this the potatoes will never break it down. 

        Then close the cooker. Then put the cooker on the gas. W put the weight in the cooker and cook the potatoes. First heat the cooker  on high flame for 40 seconds. Then cook on law flame for 15 minutes. 

         Turn off the gas and then relieve the  cooker pressure. Then open the cooker. Slowly remove the cloth we have stored inside it. Potatoes are well cooked.please try this and share this information  to others.

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