How to be romantic with your partner

       Today I would  like to introduce how to know if your partner is in love with you and how to be romantic with them.Love is the strong and positive emotional and mental attachment. Love varies different people.mothers love differ from spouses love. It differs from food love. It is the strong and constant feeling for a person includes sex desire.

       Today I would like to know if someone is in love with you. They are always fun with you.They look at you a lot. They remember the little things. They show empathy to good and bad things. They find excuses to touch you in social  situations.  They give you priority. 

        Love is a very pleasurable thing. We can see if we are romantic or not. Someone does not express their love . Therefore,they cause a lot of losses. It causes a lot of diseases.

       We should make a decision to express your love . Avoid other decisions . Express your love publicly. Hold your partners hand.Call the partners pet name.

        Give gifts on Valentine’s day. Travel with  partner to make memories.we can be in love after marriage. Make variety of things weekly. Select a day to do various things. Create memorable events with them.They need care,consideration. Celebrate their birthdays.

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