How to avoid rat infestation  from our homes 

              Rat infestation is a major problem in our homes. Rats in our homes can cause a lot of diseases. We may have used many methods to drive rats out of our homes. But no matter how much we chase away the rats,  it will come back to the houses. 

        Today I want to share with you an effective tip to drive rats out of our houses forever. It has the same ingredients that are commonly used in our homes.


Water  – 2 glass

Clove  – a handful

Garlic  – 6 

Paracetamol  – 1

        Take some water in a bowl. Put a handful cloves in it. It is best to put the cloves on top of the bud itself. Then add garlic. Garlic can be finely chopped or crushed and added to it.  It’s smell does not like any of these insects.

        Therefore we will get a quick result. Now boil this water well. Turn off the flame after boiling for 5 minutes. After calling thoroughly  add Paracetamol to it. It is very effective method. Paracetamol can either be powdered or added to bottle. 

           Then pour  this water into the bottle. Just pour  this water only into the spray bottle.  Spray this water well on the affected areas. Spray this water for 3-4 continuous days. Rat infestation can be completely eliminated from our homes.

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