How to assemble BLDC fan in a day

BLDC fans stand for brushless direct current motor used fans. It works on direct current electricity. It uses permanent magnets instead of electromagnets that are used in conventional Motors. It needs less energy and heat loss compared to electromagnet. Ceiling fans are a major home appliance in our country. Ceiling fans are used the majority of the year. Huge amounts of energy consumption by Ceiling fans at houses .BLDC fans are energy saving products,it has a high power factor. It has super efficiency, wide voltage range .It reduces electricity bill.

Benefits of BLDC motor fans

It reduces energy consumption by up to 50 %.
Reduces electricity bill.
It works on direct current electricity.
It uses permanent magnets instead of electromagnets.
It has less energy and heat losses.
It works smoothly at low voltage or power fluctuations.
It adds advanced mechanical features to your regular Ceiling fan.
It has a better power factor.
It consumes half the power of a traditional motor .
They are available in various colors, designs and equipped with high tech features like sleep timer,superior air delivery, smart remote and 5 year warranty.
It helps to cut down your energy usage .

We can control a remote controlled ceiling fan without using a remote. BLDC fans are 5 star rated ,and consume 25 to 40 watts energy. It is 70 % less than regular fans. It does not require installation of an additional regulator. BLDC motor fans have lower electricity consumption. It has longer backup inverters,improved reliability ,noise reduction and longer life time. Induction based fan consumes 75 watts and a BLDC fan consumes 30 watts. You can save Rs 1500 per year.If you run fans more than 15 hours daily, per unit it exceeds Rs 6.

It provides you powerful air delivery. It has wider blades which make sure higher air delivery. When we turn on the fan the SMPS converts AC supply to DC supply, after the microcontroller receives input signal from remote control and it sends signal to inverter .

You can see how to assemble the BLDC fan
easily. Here you will get a class where You can study how to install sensor, assemble BLDC fans. You will get knowledge about how to change the damaged fans in our home. It helps to check the body and change it. This class is for one day. It is a simple technology. You can join this class.

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