How to apply for old age pension

         I would like to introduce to you about a pension scheme of Government of Kerala. You can get introduction with the benefits of old age. Pension for older persons over 60 years of age and a few things to note when applying. In our society there will be many people who deserve it, but cannot get it/ do not know about it. Currently according to our state budget,  a person gets about Rs 1300. When you reach the age of 75 years ,the benefits will increase accordingly. Not only that, but it is also one of the best social pension. The reason is that in old age, it can useful for small purposes. Not only that, but when the application is made, the pension is credited to our account.

      This benefit will be available to general public who are not members of the government service with the member of welfare fund . Welfare fund members who receive a welfare fund are entitled to receive another social security pension. That concession we need to utilise maximum. We can apply accordingly. There are a few things we need to know  for old age pension.


  • We can apply for this at the  Panchayat level or municipal level.
  • Those who apply must be destitute.
  •  The house should be less than 1200 square feet.
  • Annual family income should not exceed Rs 1lakh.
  • They should not be government service pensioners.
  • Do not be individuals who pay income tax.
  • The area should not exceed 2 acres.
  • Do not have own vehicles.
  • These rules do not affect to SC and ST 

        The applications must be submitted to the secretaries of local governments. And if they refuse to do so for good reason, we can appeal against them. Similarly we have  mustering it ,so that we can know about it . Applicant must be 60 years of age. If birth proof is not available, certificate should be produced from doctors less than assistant surgeon .

         This benefit it is available to persons who have been residing in Kerala for a period of 3 years .Our application may be submitted to the panchayat or  municipality. In Panchayat, the village extension officer conduct inspection for applications. If in the municipality ,the revenue Inspector does the inspections ,check our reports and if there are any objections, we can appeal and convince them of our situations. 

           Even if there are adults sons in the home and they live without their care ,they are eligible. In case of death of the pensioner, any arrears will be paid to the heirs. 


  • Birth certificate 
  • SSLC book copy 
  • Aadhar
  • Bank account details.

        There are many people among us who are eligible to this benefit, but they are not aware of it. Please share this information to that’s people . We need not pay it  back to the government. Please share this information to others.

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