How to apply for norka financial assistance

                 The Pravasi’s are the people who are struggling the most during this lock down.  Many Pravasi’s of the kerala as well as Pravasi standard abroad are having a hard time. In this case, if we know the information about the NORKA give  RS 5000 financial assistance scheme for Pravasi Malayalees, we should try to get inform this matter to our Pravasi relatives and friends.

      We would like to tell you about who to apply for, how to apply and the qualification to apply to  the financial assistance for Pravasi Malayalees. If you have any doubt, just ask in the comment box. 

             In the time of this covid 19, online application for various assistance schemes announced for Pravasi’s will be accepted from Saturday 18/04/20 . Application can be made through NORKA ROOTS website. Kerala Pravasi welfare fund pensioners receive  a one-time assistance of Rs 1000 . Similarly those who are members of the non resident welfare fund will receive an emergency assistance of Rs 10,000 .

       Covid19 is in this sandwana project . There for those who are confirmed the covid 19 ,returning from abroad will get Rs 10,000 each.


  • Pravasi who have been working abroad for two or more years and have returned home between in the 10 years, receive medical assistance under this Sadhana  scheme.
  • This assistance is available only to those who have not received assistance from the non resident welfare fund board.
  • Returning from abroad on after january 1, 2020, unable to return due to lock down, for those who have a valid Passport and Visa, during this period the visa expired, they get Rs 5000 will be financed.


  • Name ,address ,mobile number 
  • Passport 1,2 address pages.
  • Passport page containing travel information.
  • Arrival recorded on the passport after 1, January 2020.
  • Visa page /visa copy
  • Bank details.

 The name on the Visa and the bank account must be the same. If something goes wrong,  NORKA will not get the funding. 

          Online application will be accepted from Saturday .

Last date of application :  30/04/20

 visit NORKA  website for more details.

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