How to apply for new PVC Voter ID card

        Voter ID card is an identity  document issued by election commission of India.It is issued for the adult domiciled of India who are 18 years of age. It is used as identity proof for Indian citizens. It is compulsory to have a voter ID card to vote in our Country. It contains name,address,signature, and photo.Digital ID card is also available. It is called e – epic.It is available  in PDF format.It can be printed  or laminated by can store it  in the digilocker application  on the phone. You can apply for a digital ID card online. You can change your voter Id card to the new pvc type card.If you lose your voter ID card,you can apply for this card with an ID number.


  • You should have an Indian citizen. 
  • The age must be above 18 years .
  • All voters who have valid ID numbers are eligible  to get this voter ID card.


  • You can use this ID card to vote in India. 
  • You can use this card as identification  evidence. 
  • You can download  it from legitimate sources. 
  • It can be saved in the digilocker application. 
  • It is a non-editable format. 
  • It has a secured QR code  with photo and demographic  like numbers.


  • Residential  proof
  • Adhar card
  • Photo
  • Signature 

      You can verify your digital voter ID  card. Go to the nearest electoral office. Enter the name and data is on the voters list.visit the official website of NVSP. Click on search in the electoral roll option.Enter the details like name,age,gender, fathers name,state,district,etc.The candidates do not have criminal  background. Voters ID cards most effectively be carried  out from authorities can track your application  status. Visit the official portal of the CEO. Select know the voterID the track application  status. enter the application number . Click on the search will get all the details.

How to apply for digital  voter ID card

  • Visit the official  website of the national voters service portal website.
  • Click the voter portal beta option.
  • Create an account  with a mobile number.
  • You will.l get an OTP number. Enter OTP number and verify. 
  • Enter password and captcha. 
  • Click the register of the new voter ID option / you can select replacement  of voter ID card..
  • Open the form number  6 
  • Enter all details. 
  • Click on the submit button.
  • Upload all documents like photo,address proof,signature. 
  • You will get a reference  number for tracking  application  status.

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