How to apply for houses in life mission scheme

           In our life housing plan, the chief minister of Kerala has inaugurated the program by providing houses for 214262 families. The main aim of this scheme is make not homeless people in Kerala. These are not the families, the homeless in Kerala. As per the first estimate of the Government of Kerala, there are more than 5 lakh homeless people in Kerala. So if 214265 families are provided houses, the remaining 3 lakhs of the homeless peoples are in Kerala .The Government of Kerala is also decided on new projects to provide shelter to around 3 lakh people. Thus when making new plans, this information is made public so that all eligible people can use this scheme to get  home.

              Here is explain about how to find the beneficiaries, how to get  home and where to apply. These 214262 people get the house, with no application submit anywhere .Earlier  officials had come to your homes to conduct a socio economic survey. They made a list of homeless people in Kerala. The first survey was conducted to find the beneficiaries with that list, by training women in your neighbourhood, kudumbashree using that homeless list . Thus the list of homeless was compiled in the first phase by finding the homeless and eligible people not included in the survey.

                     As  it prepared home more than 5 lakh  homeless people were found in Kerala . After the list of those found was published in the panchayat.It gave people who were not involved a chance to give complaint again. The list has been prepared at the panchayat level , to check the complaints by those who have given the complaints within that list . When some  complainants in the panchayat did not find a solution, they were again given the opportunity to appeal to the district collector. Of these, eligible beneficiaries were selected. Thus the list of beneficiaries came to the ward committees.Ward committee agreed this list and that’s way the list is made up.

        We know when the list was found, at the time of earlier survey,  there were over 5 lakh peoples. How it is reduced to 2 lakh is that, the beneficiaries have been identified by subjecting  some priorities. Because these 5 lakh people cannot afford a houses together , the first government is to find the most deserving people. For the sake of finding priority, Widows ,the disabled, the Mentally challenged ,the eternal patients ,the poorest are found.

       Now let’s see at  how and when we get the chance. The life mission 2nd phase list of eligible people will again be published panchayat as  early list . Once that list is published ,there will be an opportunity to file a complaint . All eligible people will complained  at the time and you could go on that list by making the concerned people aware of your eligible criteria. Only if your name is on that list, you will get the life plan home.

        Rs 4 lakh ,the government pays for a house . There is another help from the government as well as Rs 4lakh. This is because the government has meet  with companies that produce all the materials needed to support project. The government had discussions with the paint company, wire,cement company. Some of the companies are ready to be delivered by reducing the price of their materials by 60 percentage .Such products are likely to be  available to people who get home by lowering prices . Through the NREGS, the people who get the home, get a 90 days job free of cost in this life plan.

       If a person who gets a house through life plan is registered with the NREGS, he or she will get 90 days wages  to work for his own home. The government declares 4 lakhs, but does not actually benefit 4 lakhs. On the part of the government, maximum assistance is available for completing a house. By using this scheme you should be able to use it in such a way that the whole homeless people can get a home. In order to make that dream come true, when the next list comes up,  you have to make a complaint at that time. Those who do not have their own ration card ,you will not get home . So those who don’t have a ration card, get there on ration card .Once the list is published in the panchayat, you should check the list and make sure you are on that list . If your name is not on the list ,check why you don’t and if you have the eligibility for receiving it ,you file a complaint.

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