How to apply for children’s aadhar card  


      Today I would like to inform you about how to apply for a children’s adhar card. UIDAI introduced  a12 digit number as a unique identity  aadhaar to all residents of India.It is used as identity  proof,address proof,  and age proof  when applying for any government  services. 

     It provides  universal  identity  to every  Indian  resident.  It is also mandatory  for mobile and internet  connections.  It is mandatory for the registration of deaths. 

     Now adhar card is mandatory  for everyone. Kids under the age of 5 are eligible for enrollment  for an aadhar card. Many schools insist parents  to submit aadhar cards during  school admission.

     Biometric  details are not necessary  for children under 5 years  of age.  You need a birth certificate  of children  for it. Passport,ration  card,driving  license, ID proof  of parents  are the other documents.  

     Take an appointment from the nearest center.  Fill the form and give  it to them.  Adhar card is mandatory  for opening bank accounts in the name of minors.  We can apply online and offline for aadhar card of the newly born baby. Any resident  of India is eligible  for an aadhar card. 

      Today we can see how to apply for a children’s adhar card.  After 1 year of age we can apply for aadhar.  After 5 year we can take Biometric  scanning for children to take adhar cards. After 15 years, I will again take Biometric  scanning of children. 

      We can apply through Akshaya centers. Submit documents and fill the form. We will get an acknowledgement. After 60 days our children will get aadhar card.

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