How to apply for Chief Minister’s Relief Fund

         Today I want to inform you about the chief Minister’s relief fund. We know that in the event of a disaster, donations are made to the Chief Minister Relief Fund. These  donations are make up a large number. From these type of donations ,how and why deserving people get this benefits. This is a great source of financial assistance for the eligible to get up to Rs 3 lakh from the Chief Minister relief fund. Here are  the subject who are the people eligible to get benefited from the Chief Minister Relief Fund. how to apply, what are the criteria those are the things.


  • Treatment of malignant diseases  of the poor people.
  • Emergency assistance for  accidental death and victims.
  • Assistance for those who are in a state of collapse of houses due to fire, lightening,sea hazards.
  • Non- insured small enterprises in the event of a crash, fire and sea hazard will be liable for damages .
  • Assistance including free support for workers any distress in employment. 

Criteria for CMRF

  • The annual income of the family should be less than Rs 1,00,000 .
  • This funding is available only once per person under this plan.
  • However people suffering from malignant diseases such as cancer, kidney and cardiovascular diseases can reapply once they have been financed,  after 2 years depending on the particular situation.
  •  The third condition relates to accidental death . If someone dies accidentally, their dependents  must make such request within a year to get the money.


  • Application form
  • Income certificate( documents to prove that the annual income is less than Rs 1 lakh).
  •  In case of sickness ,6 month medical certificate /doctor prescription with date. The sick people apply within 6 months .
  • In case of accidental death, death certificate, FIR ,postmortem report  is necessary. 
  • If the application is made in the case of fire:  FIR and report of fire brigade is required. 
  • The truth certificate of applicants.

Where to submit applications 

  • village office
  •  Taluk office
  •  Collectorate 
  • through official website

           once you have submitted your application, let’s see what are the criterias.

  •  If you apply to the village office, including specific documents in accordance with the standards, the village office shall within a maximum of two days, send your report and  recommendation on the proposed performance to the superiors.
  • If  you apply to the Taluk/ collectorate, they will be handed over to the concerned village officer for preliminary enquiries. 
  • From the village officer, the first report is to be prepared and forwarded. Do always make an application the best place is the village office .

How to get funding

            On receipt of Orders by the government or the collector, the tahsildar,by checks and distribution of funds to the deserving persons .

How much amount get

 The following are the limits for availing financial assistance from the Chief Minister relief fund.

collector              – upto Rs10,000 can be paid             revenue minister – up to Rs 25,000 

Chief Minister      – up to 3 lakh

              It is a matter of great concern to the people who are in the public sector to provide this kind of assistant to the people who are is need in our society those who are suffering.

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