Today I would like to inform you about how to apply for an income certificate online.Income certificate is a proof of all source of information.  It certifying the annual income of a person or a family.It is issued by village officer. We should visit akshaya center to apply for income certificate. But now we can apply for an income certificate through online.

        Now our government provides all services digitally. So we do not need to go to the village office.we can easily apply for an income certificate at home.


Aadhar card

Ration card

Land tax receipt 

       Select the e-district website from the browser.  Enter your personal details same as aadhar card. Enter email ID, Enter the pass word. Verify the aadhar and we will receive  an OTP.Enter the OTP and select the applicant . The applicant should give the details. Enter the details .click the check duplicate button.You can see a registration number message. Click the submit button.

          Then apply for income certificate. Select the certificate  and give purpose. Enter the income details.Enter the property details. Save the details Enter OTP number.Submit the application.  Upload the documents. The documents should be below 100 kb PDF files.. Next we should make the payment.  We can do the payment using repay debit card. Enter the details. Submit the application. 

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